Boost App Store Optimization – The Four Steps You Need to Take to Boost App Store Visibility

Anytime you’ve got some extra time on your hands, it is essential to start App Store Optimization. Though optimization can seem a daunting task, there are actually several steps you can take to enhance the performance of your application in the App Store. First things first, download an optimized version of the application and run it on the Apple platform.

There are three tools you will use in optimizing your application: Assemble Ads, Assemble Maps, and Assemble Reviews. The first one is the step you take in the process of creating your application and should have been already installed. With this tool, it will enable you to see how to get the most exposure for your application by serving ads on relevant websites. While ads can do wonders for your application’s visibility, it is not necessarily the only method for boosting the popularity of your application.

Your second step is Assemble Ads and will be used in designing a graphical representation of your application and its content. If you’re trying to boost your popularity in the App Store, it is important that your app looks aesthetically appealing. Since many App Store Optimization tutorials focus heavily on graphics, it is important that your app looks good.

ServiceRatingReviews count
APP FOLLOW4.749 reviews
APP BOT4.696 reviews
MOBILE ACTION4.322 reviews

In Assemble Reviews, you will do something similar with reviews of your application. Here, you will set the feedback that your application has received. This includes videos of users talking about your application and the one-star and five-star ratings given to your application. App Store Optimization will enable you to include these ratings in your graphical representation.

After both Assemble Ads and Assemble Reviews, your next step is Assemble Maps. Here, you will place you application’s map as a prominent part of the application. Users will naturally spend more time looking at their maps than any other parts of your application, and you want to make sure they know where they are and what they are doing before making a purchase.

Before you go on, it is crucial that you note that your Assemble Maps does not include location-based features such as pathfinding or simulated navigation. There are better ways to make your application easier to use, but you must limit the reach of your App Store Optimization to just these two features. It is best to combine them, though, because location-based features can lead to annoying interactions. In Assemble Reviews, you will also place testimonials of users that your application has served to.

App Store Optimization is a short and simple process, and can dramatically boost the visibility of your application in the App Store. Keep in mind that you have to do all these tasks in order, and that you will need to set aside your own free time in order to do them. It is well worth the effort and makes a great first impression on the App Store, which will provide your app with customers.